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Fed up with your unwanted hair?

unwanted face hair

Unwanted Body Hair?

Would you like to remove your unwanted/embarrassing body hair for good?

At Tina O’Doherty’s we use the very latest Diode Laser Hair Removal system that destroys your hair follicles in a flash

ingrown hairs

Nasty Ingrown Hairs?

Do you suffer from Ingrown hairs? Those nasty ugly things that become infected, causing pain and scaring. Our Laser Hair Removal system is clinically proven to treat and solve these problems.

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Sick of Shaving/Waxing?

On average we spend £23,000 to wax away unwanted hair over our lifetime. In addition Shaving will cost £6,500 and 8 weeks of your life.

Put an end to these time consuming and costly procedures for good with Tina O’Doherty’s Laser Hair Removal treatments.

 Unmatched Customer Care and Results

Tina O'Doherty's Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Tina O’Doherty’s has the reputation of being Scotland’s best Laser Hair Removal provider and are unequalled when it comes to safety, reputation and results.

Not only this, but unlike other clinics and salons, laser hair removal is our specialty. It is the service we focus on day in day out.

For optimum results it is recommended that you are treated by a highly skilled, therapist and it helps if you are treated by the same therapist throughout your course of treatments.

At Tina O’Doherty’s you will be allocated a dedicated, experienced laser specialist who will carry out all your treatments.  They will be responsible for ensuring you get the best service and results possible.

Furthermore, Tina is very hands on and always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Tina gives you her personal guarantee that you will not be allowed to leave her clinic unless you are fully satisfied with your service and results.

We use the very latest  Laser Hair Removal Technology


It is important to be aware that there are many laser systems in todays market.

At the high end there are clinically proven medical lasers that cost up to £100,000 and are guaranteed to give you excellent results.

On the other hand, at the lower end they use low powered lasers (or no laser at all). Costing less than £1000, these machines are not clinically proven. As well as this some have been known to stimulate hair growth.

Our Gold standard lasers

We use the very latest Gold Standard Medical grade lasers.  Furthermore, they are at the high end of the market and are clinically proven.

We promise  you excellent results at a competitive price.  And, not only are our lasers brand new but they receive 6 monthly upgrades. Ensuring you are being treated with the very latest and best laser technology. 

Our lasers hair removal system works on all skin tones and most hair colours (the exception being white hair.)

The laser heats your hair follicle’s, killing them at the root. Your unwanted hair with then fall out … never to return.


Face Laser Hair Removal

Our focus is on a happier, more confident you!

Happy with laser hair removal

Our lasers hair removal treatments are tailored to your needs and desires.

Whether you need arm laser hair removal, leg laser hair removal, facial laser hair removal, or any other area.

Tina O’Doherty’s are here for you, focused on ensuring you get great results.

Even more we offer our full range of laser hair removal treatments to men and our transgender clients.

So when it comes to choosing a specialist to remove your unwanted hair don’t settle for anything less.


No matter which area of your body has unwanted hair, our laser hair removal can help.

We have laser hair removal clinics located in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Hamilton, Falkirk and Kilmarnock.

Save up to 80% with our latest offer

For a limited period Tina's latest Internet offer will save you up to 80% off all your treatments.

And not only that, as a special thank you, you will also qualify for a FREE consultation and patch test/trial treatment worth £80.

Frequently asked questions

Is laser hair removal painful?

Treatments can vary from virtually pain free, to painful and a lot depends on the laser hair removal system being used. Cheaper and older systems can be painful. Other systems can be described as being uncomfortable.

At Tina O’Doherty’s we use the very latest laser technology that can be described as virtually pain free.  A patented cooling tip ensures you have a the most comfortable  treatment available today

Is laser hair removal permanent?

In simple terms the answer to this question is that a limited number of laser hair removal systems are clinically proving to permanently reduce your unwanted hair. However the results you will achieve depend greatly on 3 main factors.

‍1. The Laser Hair Removal System used.

Most people believe that all laser hair removal systems are the same or similar.  

In fact, the reality is that this could not be further from the truth. There are many different systems and they vary in cost from a few hundred pounds to over £100,000.

The problem you have as a client is understanding the difference.

Whilst Laser Hair Removal is clinically proven to permanently remove your unwanted hair. But this is only true for high powered medical grade lasers that conform to the standers used in clinical trials.

However, the market has been flooded by cheap imports that do not use medical grade lasers. In fact these machines are simply not powerful enough or maintained enough to ensure they will effectively destroy your unwanted hair.

At Tina O’Doherty’s  we use the very latest medical grade laser hair removal system that is at the higher end of the market.  Our system is clinically proven to give you excellent hair removal results.

‍2. Your Hair Colour.

Different laser systems are designed to treat different hair colours. Some are better for dark or brown hair and others are better for lighter coloured hair (blonde or red).

Today there are now some high end systems that are designed to treat all hair colours. The hair removal system used at Tina O’Doherty’s is designed to treat all hair colours. It is important to note that no laser system can treat white hair.

‍3. The experience of your therapist

At Tina O’Doherty’s not only are all our therapists highly trained, but due to the fact that we specialise in hair removal they are very experienced.  

In addition, it is our policy to allocate a dedicated therapist to each client to ensure consistency and maximum results.

Is laser hair removal safe?

When you visit Tina O'Doherty's Laser Hair Removal clinic a consultation and patch test will be performed to determine the best setting for your hair and skin type. This is also an extra safety measure which will allow your therapist to gauge your reaction to laser hair removal prior to completing your first full treatment.

When treatment’s are carried out by fully trained/experienced therapists using well maintained medical grade lasers the risk of severe side effects are rare. Mild side effects that are possible include redness of the skin; raised bumps at the hair follicle; minor blistering.

Some more sensitive areas may feel slightly hot (like a mild sunburn). These can be soothed with Aloe Vera gel or a cold towel. There is a small risk on darker skin that your laser treatments can temporarily change your skin pigment. Typically, these side effects diminish within a few hours but sometimes it takes a day or two for them to totally disappear.

Is laser hair removal suitable for all hair and skin colours?

This depends on the equipment being used. Our Scottish clinics use the very latest Diode laser technology that is capable of treating all hair colours and skin types, with the exception being white hair.

White hair cannot be treated by laser as it has no melanin. Melanin provides your hair with its colour and diminishes as we age. By the time it goes white it is too late for laser to be an effective treatment.

How long do laser hair removal treatment take?

This really depends on the type of laser hair removal device being used and the area being treated.  At Tina's clinics a small area such as the top lip will take 5min. Larger areas such as the full legs take approx. 40min.

Do you offer laser hair removal for men?

Yes all 6 of our Scottish clinics offer a full laser hair removal service for our male clients.  

Popular areas are back (full or half), arms, chest and beard. We are also one of the only clinics in Scotland to treat male buttock and pubic laser hair removal.

Do you offer laser hair removal to transgender clients?

Yes all 6 of our Scottish clinics offer a full laser hair removal service for our  transgender clients.  

Popular areas are back, chest and beard. We are also one of the only clinics in Scotland to treat your pubic and buttock areas.

What type of laser do you use?

At Tina O'Doherty's we use the very latest medical grade Diode laser hair removal system.

Over the years Tina has worked with many laser hair removal systems including, Alexandrite Laser's and IPL (intense pulsed light), which in fact is not a laser.

Advancements in technology has lead to the development of the latest diode laser hair removal systems. This is now regarded as the gold standard when it comes to removing unwanted hair.

When compared to the other systems Tina has used, her new diode machines are much more effective. Furthermore they can treat a broader range of skin types and hair colours.

As well as being more effective,  Tina's diode treatments are fast and relatively pain free.

What body areas do you treat?

Our laser hair removal is suitable for most areas of your body. 

Popular areas are;

  • Full face laser hair removal
  • Upper lip laser hair removal
  • Chin laser hair removal
  • Chest laser hair removal
  • Arms laser hair removal
  • Chest laser hair removal
  • Back laser hair removal
  • Standard bikini laser hair removal
  • Brazilian laser hair removal
  • Hollywood laser hair removal
  • Legs laser hair removal (full and half)



How much does laser hair removal cost?

Treatment prices range from approx. £15 per session for small areas such as your naval area to £200 per session for larger areas such as your full legs. 

Costs from these guides can vary depending on various factors.  These include the area you are looking to treat, how many areas you would like to treat, how much hair needs to be removed and how many treatments you would like to purchase.

For these reasons we find that it's better to speak to you (either by phone or e-mail).  This gives us the opportunity to understand your individual needs and allows us to offer you our laser hair removal service, at the best possible price tailored to your specific requirements.  In all cases it will be Tina O'Doherty or one of her senior therapists that will contact you for your remote consultation.

You can be assured that the purpose of this communication is to gain an understanding of your needs.  This enables us to offer you our best possible package and there will be no pressure to purchase.

If you would like to find out more just follow this link and we will get back to you shortly for your remote consultation which will only take up 10 minutes of your time.


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Laser Hair Removal for Men

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Transgender Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal…Additional Information

When considering laser hair removal, it is important you do your research. There are many clinics offering this service, and like most businesses some are excellent, others are ok and some very poor.

Check the Equipment

Laser equipment comes in all shapes and sizes costing from as little as a few hundred pounds to over £100,000.  Consequently,  equipment at the higher end of the market use high powered medical grade lasers that are clinically proven to permanently reduce your unwanted hair.

Whereas machines at the lower end use less powerful, low-grade lasers or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) that aren’t capable of permanently destroying your unwanted hair. At best they stunt re-growth for a few weeks, but the hair eventually returns to normal.

Therefore, when choosing a clinic ask about their equipment and make sure it is suitable for your skin tone and hair type. In addition, ask if they use medical grade lasers. In addition to this it is also good to check reviews. But be aware some clinics purchase false reviews, so check them for consistency.

Understanding how laser hair removal works

There are many ways to remove your unwanted hair such as waxing, shaving, tweezing and threading.  However, laser hair removal is the best method if you are looking for a permanent solution to removing unwelcome body hair.

Laser hair removal systems send a beam of laser light through the pigment in your hair. The more pigment in your hair the better your results will be. As we age hair pigment reduces. Once your hair goes white it has lost all its pigment and laser hair removal is not an option, as there needs to be hair pigment for it to work.

This laser light converts to heat, and so long as it powerful enough, it destroys the hair bulb. However, if the equipment is not powerful enough to destroy the hair bulb, the hair will regrow after a few weeks. As a consequence, there are many comments on the internet saying laser hair removal did not work for them as their hair grew back. In fact this is most likely because they were treated by laser equipment that just wasn’t powerful enough to destroy the hair bulb.

What about pain?

The amount of pain you feel will depend on the equipment and area being treated. Areas with thinner skin such as upper lip and chin can be more tender than your arms. Fortunately, modern laser systems have built in cooling systems and are now relatively pain free.

Laser hair removal results

You should start to notice a difference 1-2 weeks after your first treatment and for best results it usually recommended you complete a full course of 6-8 laser sessions.

Your hair grows in four different stages and as laser hair removal only works at the growing stage it is important to stick to your appointment schedule to give you the best chance of getting maximum results.

Clinical studies have shown that medical grade laser hair removal systems can permanently reduce your unwanted hair by up to 90%. However, hormone conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, (PCOS), or events that alter hormones such as pregnancy, can stimulated new growth. This can be managed by top up treatments once or twice per year.

Pre treatment advice

You shouldn’t wax, pluck or tweeze the area being treated between or prior to your laser hair removal treatments. However, it is ok to shave the area,
It is important your skin is not exposed to sun less than 4 weeks before your treatments. The same goes for using fake tan.

How long do laser hair removal treatments take

How long treatment take vary depending on the area being treated and the laser equipment being used. Modern systems are much faster as the technology has developed. Upper lip treatment only takes a few minutes, full face 15-20 minutes, full legs under 1 hour and the full body about 90min.

Post treatment advice

It is advisable not to use a sauna, hot shower or gym for 24 hours after your laser treatment. This is because the heat from the laser remains in your skin for this time and using these facilities can cause an adverse reaction